Running a business is hard work.  You’ve invested lots of money.  You’ve sacrificed countless hours.  When you need an extra hand, you should be very picky about the person or firm you invite in to help.  It needs to be someone who will work hard to understand every nuance of your industry and business.  It needs to be someone who will treat your resources as if they were their own.  It needs to be someone who’s committed to doing excellent work.  It needs to be someone who’s continually honing their skills.  Here’s what some ClearVision clients said about their experience.

Mike profoundly impacted the success of our organization in ways that will carry us for many years. Mike’s organizational prowess, analytical skill, and ability to manage all facets of strategic projects are simply superior to others within our organization.
Ken Batrick, The Kansas City Star


My company contracted Mike Chirveno during a rough time in the economy in 2008. He brought with him a knowledge and experience that were integral in the survival of my company.
Chris Motley, Motley Creations


Mike is a hard worker who pays attention to detail. He is a free thinker that can anticipate and make well thought out decisions. He works well independently and has a work ethic that most should envy. Most importantly, Mike has a mind and eye for the big picture.
Chris Christian, The Kansas City Star


Mike is a take charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate their benefits. He is a highly intelligent hard worker who never loses sight of his goals.  He is also a fine person and a dedicated family man with a great deal of integrity who I am proud to call a friend.
Shannon Gomer, Lakewood Camping Resort